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Similar to metal detection, magnet fishing is about finding metal objects in the water using strong magnets. Have you ever imagined what could be at the base of the lake near where you live? Interesting discoveries were made by people who were quite curious to tie a magnet to the end of a rope to throw it in the water, many of them being very surprised by what they found.

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The best magnet to use for fishing is a neodymium magnet, because their relatively compact size can have a huge pulling force. Neodymium magnets are rare earth magnets and are considered the most powerful magnets available commercially. !!! As a precautionary note, please be very careful when handling these magnets because they are very strong and can cause damage or damage electronics. Never try to bring two of these magnets closer together, as they can hardly be detached or, in the worst case, can break on impact.


In addition to a strong magnet, you will also need a good rope. We recommend that you find a rope at least 15-20 meters long. This would be long enough for shallow water and perfect for fishing in most places. If you know for sure that where you want to fish is very deep or you want to throw as far as possible from the water's edge, then you can use a rope even 30 meters. When fishing from bridges the recommendation is clear. Definitely use a rope over 30 meters.


People find all kinds of objects when they practice this type of fishing. If you are one of the lucky ones, then you could find objects from bullets, unexploded bombs, swords, machine guns. Someone even found a sunken tank casing. However, these must be approached with great care, especially those that contain potentially unexploded ordnance.

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The threadlocker prevents the magnet from unscrewing and losing it. Apply the threadlocker to the eyebolt. After it has been applied, screw the magnet on and wait at least 3 hours for it to take effect.

The best knot must withstand all conditions. The Palomar Knot is best known for magnet fishing, as it is considered to be reliable and trustworthy. There are many tutorials on google with recommendations for the best knot.

After each use we recommend that you clean the magnet with antibacterial solutions. This will prevent rust and the magnet can be used longer.

Our magnet is very very strong and it's hard to isolate magnetism 100%. For this reason can't be shipped by air and only by ground.

The best places are the ones populated or where people frequent very often. Google map can help a lot to find these places.

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