Best Magnet For magnet Fishing

Best magnet for magnet fishing

Useful tips to buy the best fishing magnet

If you are a person who loves fishing, you should think about purchasing the best fishing magnet out there. It is an eco-friendly method to continue with your hobby. However, purchasing a fishing magnet is an overwhelming process for many. That’s because you can find numerous options out there. Take a look at this buyer guide where we provide some useful tips on how to purchase the best magnet for magnet fishing. Then you can end up buying the best option available.

Get the best type of magnet to cater to your needs

There are two main types of fishing magnets available for you to buy. They include single-sided magnets and double-sided magnets. The signal-sided magnets are only having one magnetic surface. On the other side, you can find a loop to fasten the cord. Since the magnet is present only on one side, magnetic properties are available to you only on that side. When you are using a single-sided magnet for fishing, you need to make sure that you don’t lose the hold. In other words, you should ensure that the object doesn’t tilt. These magnets are not in a position to deliver a good hold as compared to the double-sided magnets.

If you want to buy fishing magnets that have pulling power on both sides, you should think about purchasing a double-sided magnet. These fishing magnets can help you to pull the objects vertically with ease. If you are fishing from a bridge, this will be a good option to consider. If you are trying to drag by standing near shallow water, you should purchase a single-sided magnet.

Material of construction

Fishing magnets are made from numerous materials. You should also have a clear understanding of this so that you will be able to end up purchasing the best magnet for magnet fishing. Out of the different types of magnets, you should focus more on purchasing neodymium magnets. They are strong enough to deliver the best pulling power to you.

You can also find fishing magnets that are made out of ferrite magnets. You will be able to purchase them for a lower price tag. The fishing magnets made out of ferrite magnets are usually large in size and they have a sturdy build. However, they are not in a position to deliver the best pulling power to you. These fishing magnets have a grey colored appearance. You can easily differentiate when you are shopping for the best fishing magnet.

Weight of the magnet

While trying to locate the best fishing magnet, it is worthy to take a look at the weight of the magnet as well. You don’t want to purchase a heavy magnet to go ahead with fishing. Instead, you are looking for a lightweight magnet, which is capable of delivering a large pulling force.

You can find lightweight and small magnets that come along with strong pulling power and large magnets that don’t have a better pulling power. You need to determine the size and weight of the magnet along with the pulling power at the time of purchasing one. Make sure that you are not buying something that is too big. Otherwise, you will come across challenges while you are using the magnet.

You can purchase a magnet that offers a pulling power of hundreds of pounds while weighing around 0.5lbs. If you can purchase such a magnet, you can go ahead with fishing and enjoy it.

Pulling power

All the people who are trying to buy the best magnet for magnet fishing should keep in mind that the pulling power varies based on the design and material used for the construction of the magnet. There are few other factors, such as the coating around the magnet, which can create a smaller impact on the pulling power.

It is recommended for you to purchase a magnet that offers a pulling power of around 200lbs. This depends on the location that you select for fishing as well. For example, if you are fishing at a river that has strong currents, you need to purchase a fishing magnet that offers a higher pulling power. You can even buy fishing magnets that offer a pulling power of around 1000lbs. however, these magnets are large in size and are not recommended for beginners. If you are a person who enjoys fishing regularly, you can go for such a magnet.

Mounting hole

The mounting hold is one of the overlooked factors at the time of purchasing the best fishing magnet, but we recommend not to ignore it. That’s because the countersunk hole available in the magnet can deliver a variety of benefits to you. For example, it can help you when you are trying to add and remove the eyelet. As a result, you will get the opportunity to fasten the magnet according to your preferences. You will also be able to get magnets that offer a regular bolt.

Buy a magnet that comes along with a thread locker

Along with some of the fishing magnets, you can purchase a thread locker. It is a good idea to purchase such a fishing magnet. That’s because you will be able to secure the knot. Once you secure the knot, there is no need to worry about loosening it while you are fishing.


Price should not be ignored at the time of buying the best fishing magnet. If you are looking for a magnet with a tight budget, you can purchase something for around $20. However, a good quality fishing magnet would cost you over $100. Make sure that you purchase grade N42 magnets because they are durable and strong. You can get the best value for the amount you spend by such a fishing magnet.

Final words

Keep these tips in mind and start looking for the best magnet for magnet fishing. You can end up buying a magnet that delivers a perfect fishing experience. It can complement your hobby.