Magnet fishing finds

Magnet fishing finds

Best magnet fishing finds

Magnet fishing is quite a popular hobby among people in today’s world. One of the best things about magnet fishing is the things that you can find out of it. If you have been spending your time with magnet fishing, you must have come across numerous amazing findings.

Let’s take a look at the best magnet fish finds that people have experienced ever. Then you will get the motivation to go ahead with magnet fishing and see if you can be lucky enough to find something like that.

Cash boxes

We can see numerous instances where people have discovered cash boxes through magnet fishing. Some of them have been loaded with cash. On top of that, few of the cash boxes have even been loaded with numerous other valuables. Even if you find something empty, you will find it interesting. Cash boxes are quite heavy, and you will need to have a strong magnet to pull a one. If you want to try your luck with finding cash boxes, invest in a high-quality fishing magnet.


People who spend their time with magnetic fishing often find knives as well. Out of them, hunter knives hold a prominent place. Losing a knife can make a hunter feel upset. However, it would be your gain. The knives you uncover from magnet fishing would be filled with dirt. However, you can prepare a solution with warm water and mild dish soap in order to remove dirt. After that, you can even think about using the knife for your personal requirements.


A magnet is capable of attracting bullets under water as well. Hence, magnet fishing will be able to help you with locating ammo under the surface of water. A bullet can end up in the bottom of a lake either from a falling out of the sky or shooting that has taken place in the past. Regardless of the reason, you will be able to go for magnet fishing and locate bullets. It would be one of the most interesting magnet fishing finds that you will come across.


You might be surprised to see bikes in this list, but it is possible to see bikes under the surface of water. However, retrieving a bike will not be the easiest thing that you can do. You need to be equipped with the best fishing magnet to do it. On top of that, you will need to have a heavy-duty rope and a grapple hook as well. You will also need to have lots of patience to grab a bike. However, the effort you spend would not be so worthy because the bike will not be usable. If you can find something like moped, you can think about rebuilding it. Otherwise, you will only be able to sell it for scrap.


Antiques have a high value and magnet fishing can help you to get them for free. The value of antiques appraises along with time. Hence, you will be able to sell them for a good price and earn profits. When you come across any such magnet fishing finds, you can ask an expert and see whether the item you found is holding any value or not. It might not contain a monetary value at all. However, you might even be able to discover a sentimental value in the product you found.


You might not be lucky enough to find any gold or silver jewelry out of magnet fishing, but you can still locate numerous iron and steel made items. For example, you will be able to discover necklaces and bracelets that are made out of iron or steel. Unfortunately, pure gold will not be attracted to your magnet. If gold is mixed with a filler metal, you will be able to attract that to your magnet.


Similar to bullets, you can find grenades under water as well. This is the worst among magnet fishing finds that you can get. That’s because grenades that are attached with pins can still cause damages. Hence, you should be careful when you are handling them. Even if you come across anything similar to grenades, you should be mindful about handling them. In case if you come across such an item, you will need to inform the relevant authorities as soon as possible.


Cannonballs are among the common magnet fishing finds as well. If you are fishing in an area where there were wars in the past, you will often be able to find cannonballs. However, cannonballs are heavy, and you will need to have a strong magnet to retrieve them. A typical cannonball would weigh around 42 lbs. Therefore, you will need to have a magnet that can retrieve a weight of around 1,200lbs to retrieve a cannonball. On top of that, you should also have a strong rope, which will not break when you are pulling a cannonball.


It would be shocking to discover weapons out of magnet fishing. However, it is something common that most of the people discover. We often see situations where people who spend their time with magnet fishing end up with discovering weapons. You will be able to find weapons in rivers, ponds and even in lakes. A magnet that is capable of pulling a weight of 400lbs is more than enough to retrieve weapons. If the firearm is loaded, you should be careful when handling it. If you don’t know how to handle weapons, you shouldn’t experiment with them. Instead, you should inform the local authorities and hand them over.

Final words

As you can see, magnet fishing finds are amazing, and you will be able to discover things that you won’t even expect to find. Hence, this is a perfect hobby that you can follow. You will never be disappointed with what comes along with it.