Neodymium magnet price

neodymium magnet price

Neodymium magnets are one of the strongest types of magnets available out there to purchase as of now. Due to the same reason, you will come across the need to buy neodymium magnets for catering a variety of requirements you have. No matter what the exact reason is, it is important to understand what the neodymium magnet price is. That’s because you should plan your finances accordingly and spend your money on the purchase of neodymium magnets.

What is the price of neodymium magnets?

There is no straightforward answer to neodymium magnet price. That’s because the price tag associated with a neodymium magnet would vary based on numerous reasons. Magnetic strength holds a prominent place out of them. This is considered by the N rating that you can see in a neodymium magnet.

When you take a look at neodymium magnets, you will notice that n52 neodymium magnets are the strongest. These magnets are the most expensive as well. You will usually have to spend around $16 out of your pocket to purchase a pack of 12 n52 neodymium magnets that are available in the form of thin magnetic discs.

As you can see, the neodymium magnet price is generally affordable. However, you need to make sure that you are purchasing neodymium magnets that match with your purpose. You will need to focus on the purpose before anything else.

Are neodymium magnets available for sale?

Yes, you will be able to purchase neodymium magnets from numerous online stores. You can go through the products that are available for sale and invest your money to purchase the best ones out of them. There are numerous online stores that offer neodymium magnets as well. You can pick a reputed marketplace out of them and purchase the neodymium magnets you want.

Among the neodymium magnets available for your purchase in the online stores, you can find numerous variations. They include neodymium magnets in different shapes. For example, you will be able to purchase neodymium magnets in the form of rings, bars, blocks, and rods. On top of that, you can get them in numerous sizes, finishes and premium grades as well. You might even find it an overwhelming task to purchase the best neodymium magnets available out there from the online stores.

Custom neodymium magnet price

You will also be able to find custom neodymium magnets available out there in the market. If you have any specific requirements to be catered, you will be able to take a look at these custom designed neodymium magnets. These magnets will be able to cater to all the specialty requirements you have. However, these custom neodymium magnets are not usually available for sale on the online stores. You will have to contact the supplier and get the custom neodymium magnets you want.

The custom neodymium magnet price would vary depending on what you ask. You will usually be able to request for a quotation from the supplier and get a basic understanding about the cost that you will have to bear. No matter what, neodymium magnet suppliers will usually be able to provide you with the most economical solutions available out there to cater to your project as well.

What are the applications of neodymium magnets?

You can buy and use neodymium magnets for a variety of applications. They are ideal for small components and parts. That’s why you can usually find neodymium magnets inside toys. On the other hand, you can use them for magnet fishing as well. Due to the high level of strength offered by neodymium magnets, you will be able to use these magnets than any other magnet available for purchase in the market.

In general, you can use neodymium magnets for medical instruments, high performance motors, POP displays, audio components, home improvement projects, science projects, hanging artwork and many other purposes.

What makes neodymium magnets so strong?

Now you are aware about the neodymium magnet price and their applications. While keeping that in mind, it is worthy to take a look at the reasons on why these magnets are so strong. The neodymium magnets are coming to you along with a high saturation magnetization. On the other hand, they are designed to resist demagnetization as well. This is the main reason on why neodymium magnets are strong when compared to other options available for your purchase.

Due to the high level of strength associated with neodymium magnets, you will only have to use a small piece to get the job done. Therefore, you can keep your expenses low as much as possible. This will eventually help you to reduce the overall cost associated with the magnet.

After you purchase neodymium magnets, you will be able to use them for a longer time as well. Due to the same reason, the amount of money you bear as the neodymium magnet price would be worth it. When traditional magnets lose around 10% of their magnetic properties in a period of 10 years, a neodymium magnet would lose only around 1% of its magnetic power during the same time period. In other words, the physical properties of neodymium magnets would not change significantly throughout your lifetime. This is mainly because the neodymium magnets are highly resistant to the demagnetizing influences, such as radiation, opposing magnetic fields and high temperatures.

Final words

As you can see, neodymium magnets are a relatively inexpensive magnet available for purchase. Due to the high magnetic properties, most of the people assume that they will have to spend a considerable amount of money out of their pockets for the purchase of neodymium magnets. However, this fact is not true at all. Because of the magnetic strength, you will only have to use a small piece of a neodymium magnet. Hence, you will be able to buy them and use at an affordable price tag.