What is magnet fishing?

What is magnet fishing

Magnet fishing is one of the most popular hobbies that you can find out there. If you have the interest to go ahead with this hobby, you need to have a clear understanding on what it is and what you will be able to get along with it. Then you can start experiencing all the amazing benefits that this sport can send on your way.

What exactly is magnet fishing?

This hobby is all about fishing with magnets. However, it is not simple and straightforward as it sounds. In here, you will tie a magnet into a rope and then throw that in water. Then you will be able to get things to stick to your magnet. You will be able to haul them and take them home along with you. However, you should be lucky enough to find something valuable. There are instances where you will not be able to find anything at all.

You can even do this hobby during emergency situations that you come across. For example, when you drop the keys of your car in water or lose your favorite knife while you are fishing, magnet fishing will be able to provide the help you want. On the other hand, you will be able to follow it as a fully-fledged hobby and you will fall in love with everything that comes on your way.

What will you be able to catch with magnet?

You will be able to catch and endless number of things, all depends on the place you select to go ahead and your luck. On top of that, the strength of magnet you use can also contribute a lot towards the successful results that you can secure at the end of the day.

In most of the instances, sport will help you to catch signposts, bots, buts, tools, bicycles, and some antiques. If you are having a strong magnet, you will be able to catch even a safe. If you find a safe that is filled with money, you will be impressed with it.

People who engage with magnet fishing in areas where there were wars will be able to find weapons, grenades, and cannonballs. You should be careful when you are handling them. However, you can also find modern weapons, which were thrown into the water body by people in the recent past. If you come across such a modern weapon, you will need to inform police.

What are magnet fishing gear?

Now you have a clear understanding about “what is magnet fishing”. While keeping that in mind, it is worthy to take a look at the gear that is available for you to purchase and use. You will need to be equipped with them to go ahead with magnet and grab the best experience offered on your way.


Magnet is obviously the most important gear that you need to have to proceed with magnet fishing. You will be able to find numerous types of magnets available for purchase out there. If you are trying to get the best experience out of this amazing sport, you need to make sure that you are getting a magnet that is made out of neodymium.

You will also notice that there’s a possibility to further divide magnets into two separate categories as one-sided magnets and two-sided magnets. In a one-sided magnet, the magnet is present only on one side. However, you will be able to get two magnets in both sides in a two-sided magnet. If you are planning to scam the bottom of a water body from a bridge, a two-sided magnet will be able to help you. That’s because you can firmly get the grip and pick it. On the other hand, the one-sided magnets can deliver a firm experience, which is quite useful when you are trying to lift something heavy.

As a beginner, you can purchase a one-sided magnet and then invest your money to get a two-sided magnet. You should also ensure that you are getting a magnet that is capable of offering a pull force of around 500 pounds.


You should next take a look at the rope. Without a rope, you will not be able to go at fishing. However, you need to have a strong rope with enough length, which can help you to get the best experience out of magnet fishing. Ropes that are made out of synthetic materials such as nylon are in a position to deliver the best possible experience to you.

It is even possible to purchase dry-treated nylon ropes. These ropes can deliver some prominent benefits to you. That’s because these ropes don’t get wet when you expose them to water. You should purchase a rope that is offering a length of around 50 feet to get the best possible experience at the end of the day.


It is handy to use gloves while you are working on magnet fishing. That’s because you will have to handle numerous rusty metals. Hence, purchase a good pair of gloves.

Grappling hook

There is no need to purchase a grappling hook, but you will find it quite useful. For example, when you want to pull up something large, a grappling hook will be able to deliver positive results to you.

Final words

Now you have a clear picture on what exactly is this hobby. While keeping these facts in mind, you can get yourself equipped with appropriate gear and proceed to catch all the excitement that comes along with magnet fishing. It can deliver a perfect experience to you and you will never get tried with your hobby. That’s because sport will helping you to find exciting things every single day you go out on fishing. It will also keep you curious as you don’t know what you will be able to find in the next time.