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Best magnet fishing kit
Magnet fishing river place
Magnet fishing how  to use
What is magnet fishing
Best Rope for magnet fishing
Magnet FIshing Setup
  • Best magnet fishing kit
  • Magnet fishing river place
  • Magnet fishing how  to use
  • What is magnet fishing
  • Best Rope for magnet fishing
  • Magnet FIshing Setup

Double Sided Magnet Fishing Kit With Grappling Hooks And Maximum Pulling Force Of 1200lbs Combined Including 65 Feet Rope & Gloves & Threadlocker 242

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✅ You're All Set - So now grab your keys, wallet and cellphone and head out to enjoy an amazing fishing trip. You’ve got a top-quality magnet, a heavy duty rope, thread locker, protective gloves, reliable carabiner and a strong grappling hook to pull bigger items.

✅ Choose Just The Right Stength - Too much strength will leave you struggling to release your magnet from your finds. As for weak, well nobody likes weak. 2 Fishing Magnets 600 lb are combined here to double your chances of retrieving just what you need.

✅ Enjoy Reliable Quality - Hanging out by the ocean pier, lake dock, bridge or slow waters to find cool objects should be all that is on your mind. Let us worry about the rest.

✅ 【Double Sided Magnet】 - Unique design with double sided magnetic force, one magnet provide twice the surface area to catch targets. It is easy assembled with eye bolt screws directly into steel base.

✅【Indestructible Guarantee】Your satisfacetion is what really matters to us! If you're unsatified with your purchase at anytime reach out to us and let us know so we can make it right. It's our job to offer high quality items that will enjoy you!


magnet fishing double sided

magnet fishing double sided

magnet fishing double sided

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Richard Simpson

  • (5,00)
When my magnet arrived I was surprised at the weight and diameter of the magnet. The magnet has more weight than the other magnets I own and I think this will be good for getting a little deeper into the river/lake beds and finding stuff that’s sat down in the depths for a little longer...
I had quite the outing with the magnet; on the first drop (which was filmed as part of my unboxing video) I pulled up a metal tackle box, full of old fishing gear. On the next few throws I was mostly getting hooks and a few nails. Finally I hooked on to something big, after much straining and pulling the rope did fail about 3 foot from where it was clipped to the boat... as I reached in to grab the other end (and thus not loose my magnet to the depths) I fell off the boat... my phone was broken and my video gone BUT I did grab my rope and, after some maneuvering of the boat we were able to hook on and pop the magnet off. Let me tell you that magnet really hits when it’s on something...
This is the strongest magnet I own and is by far the best. The rope failing was too bad, as a climber I rarely see rope snap like that... I’m guessing on my initial cast it must snagged something sharp...
If you want to up your fishing game, this is the magnet for you. I can not recommend it highly enough.
The diameter of the magnet is large enough to secure a go pro too so I might try that soon...
But seriously buy buy buy this magnet;


  • (5,00)
This kit is an excellent way to get started in magnet fishing. The magnet is super strong and is great quality. The included rope is well made and will hold up to the forces produced by the magnet. The gloves are a nice added bonus and work well to keep the nasty stuff off of your hands.


  • (5,00)
I am very fermilier with magnets,yet this is my fist fishing magnet kit. The unbelievable to me! The rope is of climbing class and the steel is refined& polished.The magnet however is a surprise!! It's as strong as claimed& I love the fact that it's threaded on both the magnet, and the body sides!!!!! Love it, great price and pacaged well. Thanks. " I'll be back"

Danni Hiles

  • (5,00)
Actually haven’t used it yet but seems to be in great condition. Have several others and they are awesome. Can’t wait to go magnet fishing once it warms up and stops raining!!


  • (5,00)
Wish I coule get sponsored by these guys they have really good magnets I caught few guns and posted videos on YouTube I need another magnet !!


  • (5,00)
Good magnet kit. The paper decal will come off messy once its wet! Magnet has good power and eyelets are quality. The rope really isn’t strong enough for this magnetic - it could break on a heavy catch!

Oliver Klozoff

  • (5,00)
Perfect for beginners. (Which I am) If you are going to take magnet fishing seriously, I recommend beginning with this kit and then kicking it up a notch and buying a more powerful magnet. But this is a great starter kit.


  • (5,00)
This is a very powerful magnet, it will stick and not come dislodged even on very heavy things. Have not gone fishing yet but plan on going very soon.


  • (5,00)
Basic but does the job. fun to do w kid.

T. Raines

  • (5,00)
Magnet on a rope.....picks up metal......yep! Got what was promised when it was promised.

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Magnet Fishing Kit Video

Our magnet fishing video presentation was made with 5 camera angles and 5 text animations. In this video is presented out double sided fishing magnet kit with maximum pulling force of 1200lbs.